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A Few Interview Tips

Once you have filled out an application and secured an interview, pat yourself on the back and begin your preparation.  Here are just a few tips for your upcoming interview:

1)  Dress appropriately!  If your interview is for a position as a clown, then you should definitely act the part.  If your interview is in an office or warehouse setting, try to determine what is most appropriate.  When in doubt, dress one step up for the position. 

2)  Ask questions!  Employers want to know that you’re interested in the position.  Study up on the position or the industry if you can.  These are little signals to the employer that you are really interested in the opportunity. 

3)  Know what is on your resume or application!  Most employers will ask questions based on this information.  If you don’t know what is on there, you can answer confidently and appropriately. 

4)  Be confident!  Knowing your resume and yourself will help give you confidence in an interview.  Remember, a hiring manager is trying to make a difficult decision between multiple candidates.  A confident demeanor can go a long way in making a lasting impression. 

Good luck on that next interview!